New Year....New You

New Year....New You

New Year....New YouNew Year....New YouNew Year....New You

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Welcome Y'all to my little corner of the "inter webs." I'm Jess, a mom of 3 beautiful kiddos and 1 awesome doggie.  I am a Nutritionist and Culinary Trained Chef.  I love lattes, leggings, fashion, travel and WINE!  Teaching others how to eat healthy, workout functionally and live life to the fullest.


Personalized Nutrition Plans


Whether you are a busy mom on the go, corporate executive, athlete or just all around busy human, likely you are spending the bulk of your time doing your actual job.  Which means you have  little time for planning and prepping healthy meals in order to meet your health goals while also feeding your crazy hungry mini humans!  You can't be amazing at everything and thats where a Personal Nutritionist steps in and does all the work for you to guide you and get you to your health goals more effectively.

Fitness Focused


While I believe that eating healthy is arguably most important, fitness of course is also an integral component to an overall healthy lifestyle.  You don't have to be an Olympic Athlete in order to be in shape!  It doesn't need to take hours a day to be healthy.  When you have the nutrition and sleep components well under way, working fitness will complete the trifecta of ultimate health.  

You will learn effective strategies to work fitness into your daily busy life, you will not only look and feel better, but more importantly you will have more strength, energy and longevity!  

Rest and Relaxation


Truth be told, quality sleep is the MOST crucial aspect of your health. In fact quality sleep regulates hormones, particularly hormones that regulate hunger cues.  Erratic sleep leads to higher sugar and processed food consumption which will derail any healthy meal plan you are on quicker than you can say donut! 

It's also important to address the high stress sources (people, habits, workplace environment) in your life and learn ways to either eliminate them or at the least, mitigate the damaging effects they have on your health.  Learning how to love yourself first, create healthy boundaries and treat your body with respect is paramount to health!

Meanwhile On the "Gram"

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